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2019ʦƸԽ̰What time is it?

2019-09-16 13:51:12| й

ʦԸϰƵڴ˽̰What time is it?ѧͨһЩ˽ⷢʦƸУõĽ̰ýʦȷڿҪյ֪ʶ㣬߽ʦεġ

2019ʦƸԽ̰What time is it?

Teaching aims:

Knowledge aims:

Students can have a clear idea of the pronunciation of letter ir and ur in the middle of words through some words: girl, bird ,nurse and hamburger .

Students will master the spelling of these new words.

Ability aims:

Students can use the four words to make a little story.

Students can read and hear these words correctly in their futher communication.

Emotional aims:

Students will get more interests in learning English and not afraid of speaking English in public.

Students will foster their awareness of cooperation.

Teaching key point and difficult point:

Key point:

Help students master the pronunciation and spelling of new words.

Difficult Point:

Students can build their confidence in learning English.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Warm-up

1. Daily greeting

Greet with students as usual.

2. Sing the song Apple Song to students and have a free talk with students to lead in the topic of this pronunciation class.

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